Nord Asphalt-Heavy duty pumps

Fuglesangs delivered pumps in 2010 to Nord Asfalt AS in Bodø. The pumps were set up to pump bitumen in asphalt production at one of the facilities to the North Sea. The delivery consisted of x number of pumps rebuilt by birdsong to use Chesterton mechanical seal. The problem with bitumen pumping is high viscosity at low temperatures. The Tuthill Global Gear is an internal gear pump with a modular design function, which also minimizes maintenance costs and inventory relative to other internal gear pumps. This rebuilding proved to be a successful project. The pumps went smoothly until 2015, when they were caught by birdsong. After the overhaul, the pumps have worked without problems. The combination of tuthill gg and chesterton mechanical seal is an effective way to provide a hassle-free recipe for bitumen applications.

Benefits of Tuthill GG :

• GlobalGear® is a heavy duty internal gear pump.

• Heavy duty trust stock

• Heavy-duty bracket for storing mechanical seal

• Tungsten carbide layer

• Chrome Oxid coated Idler Pin

• Hardened shaft

• Tutrided (low temperature nitrogen curing of iron)