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TUTHILL company was born in 1892 in Chicago and created TUTHILL PUMP COMPANY, a separate entity, in 1927.

TUTHILL has developed an innovative internal gear pump that injected oil into the burner of a truck- mounted boiler. This was a first step into the pump industry, which led TUTHILL to the development of many other ranges of pumps: Chemical transfer pumps, fuel transfer pumps, lubrication & circulation pumps, miniature magnetically-coupled pumps and process pumps.

TUTHILL also created a software, “Tuthill pump Guru” that helps to size and select a variety of pump options configured to meet application needs.

FUGLESANGS and TUTHILL are partners and work closely on the Norwegian market, to invent innovative and efficient pumping solutions for all industries.

Tuthill brochure for OEM & Process application here : THUTILL BROCHURE

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