• Total development of pumping systems
  • Design, troubleshooting, analysis, optimization of pump systems
  • Choosing the right equipment for application
  • Cost analysis of rotary equipment: MTBF, Lifecycle cost, IRR, ROI


You imagine what you need and we design your pumping system!

Most industrial projects are based on the know-how of engineers, and a big part of this knowledge is often acquired after long years spent in a particular environment. The engineering by FUGLESANGS, is based on the deep expertise of our engineers in flow optimization : we create and design pumping systems everyday, from the very simple installations to ultra complex systems, for small companies to large facilities.

Our engineers use the most advanced softwares of the market to design pumping solution, like Solidworks, Mesys, Simulmation X and Ansys. They are able to calculate also the lifecycle cost (MTBF, ROI, IRR) in short delays. Themes they handle regularly are thermodynamics, strengh calculations, flow analysis, friction loss calculations, etc.

Engineering by Fuglesangs means also pump maintenance programs and equipment reliability programs. We are at your disposal to choose the right product for every solution, we use to carry out projects as well as do static and dynamic analyzes and calculations.

Entrust us your projects, our team of experienced engineers is waiting for your enquiries to create the most effective and reliable pumping system, at affordable prices.

We are working closely with the biggest pumps suppliers in the world, they trust in our knowledge and capacity to create and build efficient pumping solutions, for all kind of industrial application.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for a discussion about your needs, we can bring you a quotation without delays.

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