We supply pumps, sealing devices, coatings and expansion-joints to the Marine Industry. We can deliver most pump technologies and have many recognized suppliers in our portfolio.

We offer in house expertise in selecting the optimal pump for your application. We focus on sealing devices, supplying mechanical packing, gasket, seals and a variety of metallic gaskets such as spiral wound gasket, RTJ - rings, Steeltrap and solutions for man holes.

We are Norway’s sole distributor for Chesterton International`s range of products. Fuglesangs are a specialist in pumps refurbishment and mechanical seals, utilizing the latest technology, our work process flow and stringent quality control to ensure the best seal and pump solution for our customers.

Our seals are a proven components and we deliver cartridge and split seals to give the end-user’ fluid handling equipment improved reliability and extend performance.

Our optimal packing program offer solutions to reduce leakage, extend meantime between repair and repack and reduce fugitive emissions. In addition, the program reduces risk of failure and requirement for a costly inventory.

Fuglesangs offer the latest coatings technology for pipes, piping components, pump casings. The coating technology is an excellent surface protection against corrosion, erosion and chemical impact. We have the capability to re-build, repair and protect the equipment surfaces to extend the equipment life, efficiency and minimize downtime.

We offer everything from acid-proof and stainless hydraulic cylinders and components to complete systems and power packs which withstand harsh environments.

Our hydraulic cylinders and systems are installed on oil rigs, ships and ferries, both above and below the surface. On request we can supply a range of products including fabrics, rubber and steel-expansion joints which are used to absorb thermal extensions, vibrations and misalignment in in channel and piping systems.

Through our global distribution network Fuglesangs will be an effective supplier which can deliver from our own stock or drop shipment system.

We are “Expert in flow optimization”.

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Per Tveit

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