With extensive experience and deep knowledge from the mining and mineral industry, with its focus on ruggedness and availability, Fuglesangs has a complete range of suitable equipment.

Our pumps from Weir Minerals are specially designed for the handling of slurries and abrasive media.

Our pump systems conform to the specifications given for the different applications and we will make the pumps and the systems even more robust.

Our close partnership with Weir Minerals and Eriez Magnetics enables us to utilize their product range, as we know their products very well. Weir Minerals specialize in pumps, hydro-cyclones, valves, hydraulics and equipment monitoring in the mining and mineral industries globally.

WARMAN® pumps, CAVEX® hydro-cyclones, LINATEX® rubber and ISOGATE® valves have become a well-known concept in the market. You can read more about products from Weir Minerals and magnetic separators from Eriez Magnetics on their websites, you will find a link under our partners.

We are “Expert in flow optimization”.

Gard Uno Steen
Gard Uno Steen

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