Hydro power

For many generations, Fuglesangs have delivered products and solutions to the hydropower industry. With many years of experience from production, delivery, maintenance and upgrades in this area, we have gained broad experience and good references. Our excellent cooperation agreements with reputable international manufacturers of pumps, seals, hydraulics and composite materials, in combination with highly skilled employees, allow us to offer the best products and the most innovative, profitable and environmentally efficient solutions available in the market. In addition to supply systems and solutions directly to hydropower plants, we also supply components and solutions as subcontractors to large projects through contractors such as Andritz, Rainpower, Voith and others.

Many of our customers experience Ice formation and freezing of control hatches during winter. Fuglesang's solutions prevent freezing and protect the heating cables on the hatches against the ice.

Our solutions with the use of ARC composite, where we put the heating cables on the water side of the hatches, is a specialty we have implemented on several larger plants.

This system has demonstrably increased the reliability of our customers' facilities, and given considerable energy savings. In addition this arrangement also provides a better heat distribution in the hatches.

ARC composite can also be used on side shields, hatches and ingots.


Fuglesangs supply all types of hydraulic cylinders. As older chain solutions with chain and drive operation require more maintenance over time, we offer upgrade to hydraulic operation. Hydraulically controlled powerplants provide accurate, easy and safe hatch control. We can supply cylinders with stroke lengths up to 15 meters and diameters up to 1000 mm.


We provide complete systems for drain and cooling systems. Our systems can be supplied with automatic control, alternation, monitoring, notification and logging. We also upgrade existing facilities with products such as pumps, seals and control system, and perform service. We do this type of assignment on a regular basis for a number of customers in the Norwegian market e.g. Glitre power production, Hafslund and E-CO energy. Fuglesang's deliveries include engineering, project management and installation of piping, valves and electro.

For the controlling of vanes and main valves, we supply and install hydraulic servos, which provide accurate and safe opening and closing by using sensors and signal switches. We are “Expert in flow optimization”.

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