• Pumps operate optimally
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Longer service life
  • No risk of incorrect settings


We ensure the most appropriate pumps installation and pumping systems installation from the beginning, and make sure its performance is maximum, because only a professional commissioning made by experts allows the optimal use of pumps and pumping systems.

Our experts are daily involved on the field to install industrial pumps or to get started complex pumping systems, according to your needs, and according to the best-performing solution adapted to the concerned application.

The commissioning of your pumps performed by the FUGLESANGS experts insures you an optimal and efficient operation of an installation carried out to the norms of the pump manufacturer. It guarantees the durability and compatibility of the pumping system with your installation and allows you to increase the service life of the equipment while limiting the expenses related to maintenance.

The manufacturer´s warranty is confirmed thanks to our professionnal way to install industrial pumps, because this commissioning made by our experts exonerates you from risks of incorrect settings, moreover you profit from a better performance of your pumps and pumping system from the start of it.

A good pumps installation means higher profitability, less risks of leakages, less ernergy consumption and improved performance of your pumping system. We provide the most efficient pumping solutions for all type of application, we are able to bring you the high quality services related to these complete solutions.

Fuglesangs experts are at your disposal for all pumps installation or complex pumping system installation, don´t hesitate to contact us for any information.

Terje Hedum
Terje Hedum

Verkstedsjef / Workshop Manager

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