• Large test pool of 200 000 liters
  • 25 tons of crane capacity
  • Up to 500kW with VSD operation (400V)
  • State-of-art data collection software
  • Vertical, horizontal and submersible pumps


Our pump testing facility in Olso is fully equipped to perform all types of tests on your industrial pumps.

Thanks to a large test pool of 220m3, we are able to provide a wide range of pump testing: Failure analysis, pressure testing, ultrasonic testing, etc.

Our pump testing facility in Oslo has 25 tons of crane capacity, this allow us to work on a wide range of pumps, for all kind of application. We measure flow, pressure, vibration, temperature, and analyse the efficiency and the performance of pumps.

For all type of industrial pump testing, FUGLESANGS is the best answer, thanks to the knowledge of our technicians and engineers. We use state-of-art monitoring and data collection software to test industrial pumps, and bring you a reliable test report, thanks to our high-quality capabilities in testing horizontal, vertical and submersible pumps, we improve the efficiency of pumps and pumps systems.

Our pump testing facility in Oslo is waiting for your pumps! To avoid certain breakdowns, you can trust on our pump failure analysis based on decades of experience and successful improvements of pumps systems.

Up to 2,75MW with 6600V are available in our workshop to provide all test of industrial pumps.

We are independant of any pump manufacturer and are able to supply new pumping assets from all global major manufacturers.

Our pump testing facility in Oslo allow us to direct you to a cost-effective and efficient pumping system tailored to your needs.

Terje Hedum
Terje Hedum

Verkstedsjef / Workshop Manager

M. +47 91 54 20 06
E. the@fuglesangs.no

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