• Dedicated workshop for Composite Service
  • High qualified technicians
  • Advanced ceramic composite


Fuglesangs has for many years performed composite coating in their own workshop and out in the customer's facility.

We use advanced ceramic composites from Chesterton to protect against abrasion, erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. The products are characterized by having immense adhesion and we can supply surfaces that are ten times harder than acid-resistant steel.

The surfaces are also smooth so that pumps that are internally coated reduce energy consumption significantly.

We have a number of different products for metal and concrete.

The coating can be easily maintained
The solutions have been used successfully with:
General process equipment
Pumps and fans
Valves and hatches
Industrial floors and capture ponds
Pool and dams
Overflow gutters and suction pipes
Concrete protection against frost damage and ice
Flue gas channels
Solutions for damp concrete
Underwater solutions

We have several examples of pump stations reducing power consumption by around 20% after Fuglesangs intervention, thanks to ARC composite from Chesterton.

Terje Hedum
Terje Hedum

Verkstedsjef / Workshop Manager

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