Do you know the story of our group?

From 1855 until today


"The strength of our company comes from its many years of experience, which has given us superior expertise within the field of fluid transfer and pumping solutions."

Hans Peter Fuglesang
Chairman Fuglesangs Group

"From a small family business to an international group, the key to our success lies in the trust of our customers."

Alexander Fuglesang
CEO Fsubsea


  1. G.R.Fuglesangs Sønner are etablished.

  2. Fuglesangs Limited AS is founded in Chr. Krohgsgt. 16, in the center of Oslo, by Georg Richard Fuglesang and Jørgen Jacob Fuglesang. The brothers owns 50% each of the company, and Jørgen is General Manager.

    Georg Richard Fuglesang

  3. The son of Georg Richard Fuglesang, Georg Richard Fay Fuglesang, buys his uncle’s 50% stake in Fuglesangs Limited AS and becomes sole owner and managing director of the company. He is now also sole owner and managing director of GR Fuglesangs Sønner AS, producing and selling Ajungilak products.


  4. The sale of steel plates increases, and Fuglesangs Ltd. becomes a main supplier of steel plates to the Aker Group. In the latter part of the 60’s and the beginning of the 80’s Fuglesangs Ltd. effect sales of more than 60.000 tons of steel per year.

  5. Managing Director

    Hans Peter Fuglesang becomes Managing Director and diversifies towards other technical products for offshore and industry.


    Hans Peter Fuglesang

  6. Fuglesangs initiates efforts to develop a new steel grade (Statoil Grade 1) for offshore installations. The work is successfully completed in 1979, with the assistance of Statoil, Aker Engineering, Fabrique de Fer and University of Gent. Today, this is a NORSOK standard quality.
  7. The first major offshore steel contract with delivery to the Gullfaks A field is entered into. Contracts with Gullfaks B, Gullfaks C, Sleipner, Snorre and others follow.
  8. Fuglesangs is appointed distributor of Chesterton sealing device products and chemicals from January 1st 1982. This also leads to an increased focus on pumps.

  9. The company receives the Belgian Mercurius Price by HM Prince Philip of Belgium. This is awarded based on the company’s work to increase Belgian export of steel to Norway and other countries.
  10. Acquisition

    Fuglesangs acquires the pump company Pumpe & Maskinteknikk AS.
  11. FUGLESANGS in Scotland

    A fully owned daughter-company in Scotland is established.

  12. CEO

    Alexander Fuglesang becomes Chief Executive Officer.

    Alexander Fuglesang

  13. Creation of FSUBSEA

    Fuglesangs Subsea AS is de-merged from Fuglesangs AS, to increase the focus on subsea pump systems, currently in development for major oil companies.


  14. Fuglesangs AS consolidates 3 workshops in Norway and opens new combined HQ, workshop and pump test center in Oslo.
  15. NEW CEO

    Erik Michalsen becomes Chief Executive Officer.

    Erik Michalsen

  16. Fuglesang´s offices and workshop in the UK have been closed down and sales and service are now being served from Norway.

  17. Fuglesangs is certified Eco-lighthouse

  18. ISO 9001 certification

  19. Eriksen Pumpeservice in Skien becomes a part of Fuglesangs