Fuglesang's general sales and delivery terms


These standard terms of sale and delivery define the commercial relationship between the buyer and Fuglesangs AS, hereinafter referred to as the seller, and apply as long as nothing else has been agreed in writing between the parties. The current version of standard sales conditions can be found at www.fuglesangs.no. If conditions are not described in this document, Norwegian Law applies.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made within 15 days net. After maturity, interest is charged according to the delay interest rate law.


Delivery takes place freely at our address at Alnabru ("Ex Works"). Orders less than net kr. 500, - will be charged a handling fee of NOK. 250, -.


The delivered goods have been sold with a sales deposit and remain the seller's property until they are fully paid (cf. the Mortgage Act §§ 3-14 and 3-22). Full settlement has not taken place before default interest and legal costs have also been paid in full. The buyer accepts voluntary return of the pledged goods by default.


The seller reserves the right to adjust the prices without notice due to external circumstances such as changes in currency, changes in framework conditions and changes in delivery terms from subcontractors.


The buyer cannot cancel an order that is confirmed by the seller, unless the seller accepts this in writing. In the event of cancellation, the buyer will be charged the additional costs that the seller has been charged by the supplier, freight forwarder or carrier.


Goods can only be returned by appointment. Returns of goods that have been sold for the past 12 months and are part of our standard range are returned if the item is unused and in original, undamaged packaging. Reference to the original order must be stated. Return fee of 20% of the item's invoice value will be charged. Purchase items are not normally returned.


Our liability for defective and delayed deliveries is limited to 5% of the value of the delivery. We have no liability if compensation-related conditions are due to circumstances beyond our control, including own suppliers' non-contractual fulfillment. Our liability does not, under any circumstances, include operating losses or other indirect or unforeseeable losses.


All deviations from these conditions must be agreed in writing.


This agreement is governed by Norwegian law. Disputes that may arise in connection with or as a result of the agreement shall be settled by lawsuit, unless the parties decide otherwise. The parties accept Oslo District Court as the right venue.