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Since 1852 ANDRITZ keep growing and becomes one of the most influential industrial players on the planet: Plants, equipment and services for hydropower stations, pulp & paper industry, metal working & steel industry, solid-liquid separation, animal feed and biomass pelleting, automation, etc.

Since 1990, ANDRITZ has acquired and integrated almost 70 companies, and is doing a lot of work in research & development. The new concepts of IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 are at the hearth of ANDRITZ center of interest.

ANDRITZ manufactures a large panel of pumps for a wide range of applications. Multi-stage axially split case pumps, vertical line shaft pumps, medium consistency pumps, vertical submerged pumps, sewage pumps, submersible motors, high pressure pumps, small pumps turbine, etc.

FUGLESANGS and ANDRITZ, thanks to their partnership can bring you best solution that fits to your needs, from standard products to a very complex engineered solution, from installation & maintenance, to repair services, in Norway and UK.

Our common goal is to provide high performance, efficient & cost savings pumping solutions, based on environmental respect with Less power consumption and less leakage risk.

Espen Smedsrud
Espen Smedsrud

Prosjektleder / Project Manager

M. +47 91 54 20 22

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