Oslo Municipality

Oslo Municipality's own research and experience showed that the pump station worked well even though the pumps were 29 years old. The Master's thesis "Energy optimization of pumping stations in Oslo's drinking water network" and Fuglesang's assumptions in consultation with the municipality made it probable that the old pumps could be streamlined with relatively simple means. After the meetings and presentation of Fuglesang's Energy Optimization program, it was decided that one of the pumps should be taken out to upgrade the coating with Chesterton's low friction coating ARC. Results before and after should be measured and logged at Fuglesang's test facility.

Based on an energy price of NOK 0.70 / kWh, the survey showed that the cost of the upgrade was paid down in only 10 months. After this good result, the last three pumps were also overhauled. This resulted in a total energy saving for the pump station of almost NOK 500,000.- per year. In addition to the energy savings, this type of upgrade provides more wear-resistant and reliable pumps.

We have several examples of pump stations reducing power consumption by around 20% after Fuglesangs intervention.