Hydro A-Large Seawater pumps

Hydro Karmøy In 2016. Large seawater pumps.

Fuglesangs AS won the project for the delivery of 2 large seawater pumps for cooling water and gas purification to Hydro Karmøy's aluminum production.

The pumps are long-shaft pit pumps, installed in their own seawater station. The seawater pumps were delivered in Super Duplex material quality for long life.

This is seen as critical equipment for operation of the entire plant and Fuglesangs chose to enter with quality pumps, where we have good experience from previous deliveries. The pumps must each deliver 2900m3 / h to a theoretical lift height of up to 50mvs.

Both pumps are set up with the operation of the motor and converter from ABB, which ensures optimum operation at all times. The customer had requirements for high efficiency on the pumps and we delivered the pumps with an efficiency just under 90%.

Chesterton 442 split mechanical seal is installed on both seawater pumps for easy and trouble-free operation and maintenance. Chesterton's 442 seal enables seal replacement without removing any other units from the installation as it can be divided into 2 equal parts. In addition to the seawater pumps, 2 smaller dry-set rectifier pumps were supplied for internal circulation of industrial water.

Both motors and converters were supplied by ABB. The pumps have been taken out for 900 m3 / h against 30 mvs. Fuglesangs has supplied and performed the mechanical installation of both pump packages, where vibration and noise were and are important to the customer.

The pumps are equipped with vibration monitoring to anticipate future service needs and are logged locally by the operating department. In addition, there is monitoring of pressure, quantity and temperature in order to always have the best possible picture of the state of the pumps.

All this will in total give the customer a safe and reliable installation for many years to come. The pumps have run smoothly since spring 2017 as expected.