Greve Biogass-Mechanical seals

The “Magic Factory” (“Magiske Fabrikken”) contributes for a considerable reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions, environmental growth and wealth creation in the region.

Fuglesangs works closely with this factory and supplies pumps and wear parts to the entire plant. The factory is constantly in developing. When in need for changes, upgrades and other solutions, Fuglesangs pump engineers helps to find the best pump for each application.

Static and dynamic analyzes, and calculations are performed to find the most adapted solution. We will implement assessments and upgrades on the mechanical seals at pumps that performs in a challenging environment with the customer. This is to optimize the pump system.

We provided the Chesterton 491 series Mechanical seals due to the facts that the pumps were running in very hot environment. At the same time, the new progressive cavity pumps from Netzsch were a very good choice for the customer to increase productivity with a longer service life.

Fuglesangs offered dedicated trainings to the employees that involves how to maintain and repair its pumps in the most optimal way. It has also been done a comprehensive test over 6 months to find the best quality on pump parts, such as O-rings, which has resulted in a longer lifetime and more uptime. In close cooperation with the mechanics and operators we are performing courses if needed.
Fuglesangs' goal is not only to provide a simple pump, but also to offer value-added products that will increase productivity while maximizing profitability.