Glitre Energi Production

Project name: Glitre Energi Produksjon

 Product: 442 Jumbo 440mm

Glitre Energi Produksjon river power plant at Kaggefoss outside Drammen, Norway upgraded Francis' turbines in 2012, but continued to use a traditional solution with a graphic shaft seal.

Over time, there was increased leakage and the gaskets had to be tightened. The package adjustments were time consuming as precautions are required while working with rotating equipment.

The degree of leakage also increased to an increasing degree, which caused a problem for the capacity of the drainage pumps.

Project description: To enable easy installation, it was decided to install the Chesterton 442 Jumbo. The shaft is Ø440 mm rotating at 300 RPM, and it was chosen

RSC / RSC with EPDM elastomers. The adapter plate was produced locally by Fuglesangs and the installation was carried out in 7 days during February 2020. A site survey in

October 2020 shows a perfectly tight seal in operation. The operation of Glitre Energi Produksjon is pleased that there is no longer a water leak, and that planned work in the power station is underway.

undisturbed without changes.