Akershus E.V. - Compensators

Problems with vibration on the smoke fan.

Akershus Energi Varme had problems with large vibrations in flue gas fans due to, among other things, large steel compensators that absorbed vibrations and imbalance poorly on the outlet of the fan.

This led to a short lifetime of the ball bearings on the fan shaft and a lot of noise in the fire house.

One of the solutions for and getting smaller vibrations that Fuglesangs came up with with Akershus Energi Varme was and changed the compensator on the outlet to the fabric compensator.
After start-up and 1 year of operation, the vibration problem has been solved.

The advantages of tissue compensators are.

  • That they are constructed of soft materials and are without any forces.
  • They can take up larger movements in pipe systems. (especially lateral movement)
  • They are noise canceling.
  • They are lighter and change and can be delivered faster by accident.
  • They are usually cheaper at replacement.