ISO 9001

Fuglesangs AS | 27. Jan 2022
3 minutes read

Fuglesangs has received ISO 9001: 2015 certification!


Fuglesangs AS has for many years had a quality system. During the years we have steadily improved it by putting customer first. Our quality system has for a long time reflected this and the principles of ISO 9001.


Now we have had a thorough review of our total quality system, improved the structure, and received formal approval and certification.


For our customers and suppliers, it means:


  • Improved planning

We have now an improved description of how we work, our processes and procedures, and we can better accommodate and transfer the customers wishes.


  • More effective execution of the tasks

We have become even more conscious of the tasks and each employee’s responsibilities in the daily work, not least in respect of how all of us cooperate.


  • Better documentation on how we perform the tasks and the daily work

With use of our routines and IT – systems, we now can better document that our delivery is with correct quality at right time.   


  • Continuous improvement

We will continuously evaluate and improve our processes and the quality of all aspects of our deliveries.