Happy Birthday Hans Peter!

Fuglesangs AS | 25. Mar 2019
1 minutes read

Name: Hans Peter Fuglesang

Position: Chairman

Has worked for Fuglesangs since: 1971


What was your first job?

Transported large amounts of cash in my diapers passing gestapo check points in Oslo.

If you were taught a learned skill or superpowers, what would that be?

To be a pilot.

What is your favorite quote?

All guests please us, some by coming, some by leaving.

Are there any nice places you've experienced lately that you would recommend?

Cross-country skiing at Hafjell.

What is your favorite movie?

«Nothing Hill».

Do you have any role models?


What is your favorite family tradition?

Family dinner with children with their ladies and grand children.

What are your wishes for this new year?

That the world gets better politicians.