Covid-19 preventive measures.

Fuglesangs AS | 30. Sep 2020
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Preventive measures.

The following infection advice is given to all employee:

Everyone should always use rubbing alcohol when visiting even those who come via the goods delivery in the workshop. Thorough hand washing and use of rubbing alcohol when you do not have access to hand washing. This is especially important when moving in common areas such as toilets, meeting rooms and canteens. If you have symptoms of respiratory disease, stay home! If in doubt, contact immediate supervisor before going to work. If you have the opportunity, avoid public transport to and from work. External visits are still limited and those who come here must confirm that they are infection-free via the form attached to the reception. The person inviting is responsible for providing information about this in advance of the visit.

Otherwise, we encourage all employees to exercice caution in private and avoid unnecesary travel abroad. Private trips abroad that trigger the quarantine could lead to a deduction from the company for the period. We remind you that quarantine is required by law, and not something the company can grant an exemption for.


- Fuglesangs - Covid 19 beredskapsplan