BB Pump range

Heavy-duty horizontal centrifugal process pump

Main benefits

  • Capacity 18 to 2,000 m³/h (75 to 8,806 gpm)
  • Head 150 to 1,000 m (492 to 3,281 ft)
  • Maximum Pressure up to 125 bar (1,813 psi)
  • Temperature -50 to 450 °C (-58 to 850 °F)
  • Discharge flanges sizes 2'' to 14''


Product description

This heavy-duty horizontal centrifugal process pumps is made by Ruhrpumpen.

Ruhrpumpen offers a complete range of centrifugal process pumps. Pumps are available either in lighter Hydraulic institute or ISO design or heavy duty process pumps in API610 design.

HS, ZW and ZM range between bearings axially split centrifugal pumps are available in BB1 as single stage pump and BB3 as multistage pump design, with single or double suction impeller and single or double suction casing.

Radially split multistage pumps from RON series are according to BB2 design. The GP pump is a multistage ring section type horizontal pump and is available both in latest API 610 design (BB4) and as non API pump.

Ruhrpumpen A - line pumps are multistage barrel pumps according to API 610 latest design (BB5) as well as ISO13709. Ruhrpumpen BB5 pump is axially thrust balanced by use of opposed impellers allowing use of antifriction ring lubricated bearings.

Multistage barrel pumps from Ruhrpumpen therefore doesn’t need expensive and space demanding forced lubrication systems. Practical cartridge pull-out design allows easy maintenance and removal of impeller bundle as one piece.

Multistage barrel pump can also be delivered with dummy impeller stages for future dutypoint modifications. The capacity of RUHRPUMPEN BB5 pump can go up to 1400m3hr and differential head up to 4200m. Medium temperatures can be as high as 450C.

Typical applications are produced water injection, condensate pumping, refinery boiler feed and other high pressure and high temperature applications.

All API 610 material combinations are available for RUHRPUMPENs between bearing centrifugal pumps range. The API heavy duty pump range is produced in RUHRPUMPENs factory in Witten in Germany.


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