Chesterton Connect™

Wireless pump monitoring system

Main benefits

  • Bluetooth® technology
  • Robust design
  • Easy to install
  • Monitor vibration, surface and process temperature, process pressure


Product description

This new wireless pump monitoring system is already installed in many facilities in the world. Easy to install, easy to use, the Chesterton Connect is one of the most efficient wireless pump monitoring system worldwide. Vibration, pressure and temperature of each process can be controled 24/7 thanks to this diagnostic tool to help troubleshoot of rotating equipment.

All data can be exported for analysis to help you to understand in detail the rotating equipments used in your installations, making this wireless pump monitoring system a very helpful tool, which brings the "industry 4.0" in your facilities. Thanks to LED display, you can have a quick feedback from the system in place: Blue light to indicate that the bluetooth is connecting, green light to indicate that the equipment is ready for connection (with a mobile phone or a Tablet for ex.) and red light if a problem is detected. This last feature is very helpful to identify very quickly if something is going wrong with your equipment, like too many vibrations, higher temperature, etc.)

This wireless pump monitoring system is not only made for pumps, it will be also very usefull for mixers, motors, fans, gear boxes and all other type of rotating equipment.

To make sure that the system answers to your needs in the field, you can set up the maximum "acceptable" limit of the temperature level, vibration level and the maximum process temperature. With your smartphone, you will be able to check the real-time condition data, check the 30 days history data, and it will be also possible to export the data in Excel format. The wireless pump monitoring system from Chesterton is now available at an affordable price, don´t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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