Chesterton 900

PTFE lubricant

Main benefits

  • Ultra-fine PTFE particles
  • Non-toxic/non-corrosive
  • Non-hardening
  • No volatile solvents

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Product description

This new PTFE lubricant is a formable, non-hardening, top-quality thread paste. Unlike many other PTFE lubricants, our non-corrosive thread paste in a tube remains soft for a long time after application.

It comes from the fact that most similar products contain solvent, therefore the product becomes hard when the solvent has evaporated. Our product is virtually free of solvent and instead uses pure mineral oil which keeps the non-hardening thread paste soft and flexible for a long time after application. When used on threads, our PTFE lubricant gives you easy assembly and disassembly.

They become sealed because the PTFE lubricates and fills any irregularities. It is non-corrosive and can be used on plastic and metal threads. Chesterton 900 GoldEnd non-corrosive thread paste lubricates and eases both assembly and disassembly of pipe joints. They are locked tightly together because of the PTFE both lubricates and flows to fill in voids.

It is a non-toxic thread paste that provides a tight seal. Our non-hardening PTFE lubricant makes the threads open easily. Chesterton 900 GoldEnd paste is designed for coarse threads and can be used with Chesterton 800 GoldEnd tape. It is a non-toxic, non-hardening and non-corrosive thread paste. Chesterton's 900 GoldEnd Thread Paste comes in 200 gram size making it a practical product to take with you.

This non-hardening and non-corrosive thread paste is suitable for the most demanding applications and can be used at temperatures up to 260 ° C. The product is recommended for pipe joints and threads, hydraulic and pneumatic couplings and fittings and hydraulic line applications that require fast sealing and high-pressure tolerances are needed.

Can be used on steam, fresh water, salt water, air, fuel, coolant, many acids, alkalis, solvent, gases etc.

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