Chesterton 601

Chain drive pin & bushing lubricant

Main benefits

  • High-quality penetration oil that penetrates between bushings and close clearance of chain drive pin
  • Extend chain life 2 to 4 times
  • No sticky lubricant residues
  • Affordable price

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Product description

This Chain drive pin & bushing lubricant is a premium quality oil that’s designed to reduce friction. This chain drive pin & bushing lubricant is special designed to penetrate the close clearance between pins, chain drive bushings, cables and wire ropes to lubricate these critical parts.

This light oil lubricant does not only reduce friction, it’s also corrosion inhibiting.

This means that it protects metal against corrosion on the metal surfaces that would ruin the bearing surfaces and increase the energy needed to move the chains because of the wear.

Thanks to this great design, this chain drive pin & bushing lubricant doesn’t just lubricate, it also withstands high and low temperatures from -23 °C to 150 °C (-10 °F – 300 °F), which proves that it’s a premium quality oil.

This industrial lubricant reduce friction and prevents dust, dirt and sand for building up on the chain and bushings, which is important in the start-up to reduce the stresses.

This chain drive pin & bushing lubricant provides a non-drying film that is long lasting which lubricates surfaces, so they run smooth with much less friction and wear.

The chain drive pin & bushing lubricant comes in different packages, from a spray can, 1 gallon, 20 L and even 208 L when you need don’t want your stock to get empty. Due to its design this corrosion inhibiting premium quality oil works well on chains and cables, forklift trucks, tractors/machinery, chain saws, conveyors and more.

Chain drive pin & bushing lubricant can even be used where there is high load and extreme pressure because of its premium quality.

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