Everything is under control in our warehouse!

Fuglesangs AS | 18. Aug 2021
2 minutes read


Photo: Ruben STEEN

  • What was your previous activities before you came to us?
I have worked in several different warehouses, both as a warehouse employee, warehouse manager and warehouse manager. But before I came to Fuglesangs I worked as a warehouse worker in Vinhuset. There we handled all kinds of alcohol and had customers in the nightlife industry, hotel, restaurant and catering market.

  • What is your area of ​​responsibility?

My area of ​​responsibility in Fuglesangs is goods receipt, packaging and dispatch, booking of transport at home and abroad, purchase of consumables, approval of invoices, m.m. Having good order and systematics on the warehouse system is also an area of ​​responsibility I have and which is very important to maintain and constantly improve.

  • What do you think sets Fuglesangs apart from other competitors?

What sets Fuglesangs apart from other competitors is our ability to always make the customer happy, no matter what.

  •  Our workshop and warehouse are praised by customers, why do you think so?

I think it's because of everyone who works here. We are a nice group that cooperates well, at the same time we provide good service and we have good order that is visible to our customers.


  • How do we ensure that the customer experiences the best possible service?

We ensure that the customer experiences the best possible service by always showing up when needed and that we have the goods they need at all times.